In this place you’ll find all the different ticket options we’re offering. They are quite a few, but don’t be confused :-) There should be a good option for everyone!
Please note, that there still won’t be any single-day tickets. Also we don’t have any discounts except for those mentioned here.

Regular Ticket

The regular ticket is valid for all 4 days and enables you to enjoy everything the event provides. The price for the regular ticket is 95.- EUR. Please note that you won’t receive an invoice for this ticket. In case you need a written invoice you should consider buying an I♥Revision ticket or a supporter ticket.

Subsidized Ticket

We are offering subsidized tickets for people in bad financial situations who can’t afford the regular entrance fee, but want to enjoy the party with their scene friends nonetheless. These tickets will only be granted upon good reasons because in fact, the other visitors will pay the difference in entrance fee for you. Thus, please apply for a subsidized ticket here. The price for the subsidized ticket is 40.- EUR.

Sunday Ticket

The sunday ticket is a slightly discounted ticket for people that are not able to visit the whole party but still want to see the main compo block on Sunday night.
It is only valid from Sunday, 12:00 to the end of the party. You will not be allowed to participate in competitions with that ticket! The price for the sunday ticket is 65.- EUR.


Our higher-priced ticket for those who love what we do and would like to show that with some additional support! With this “Supporter Ticket Light” you automatically receive the official Revision party shirt as well as an invoice (in case you need one). The price for this ticket is 150.- EUR.

Supporter Ticket

Supporter tickets are your possibility to show your passion and support for the demoscene and especially Revision even more! It will not only give you full 4-day access but also some additional specials:

  • A special T-Shirt
  • Mentioning during prizegiving ceremony (optionally you can stay anonymous)
  • Mentioning on the website (optionally you can stay anonymous)

The prices for a supporter ticket range from 250.- to 1000.- EUR. If you’d like to support us in your companies’ name you’ll receive a written invoice.

Supporter tickets can be ordered through the regular ticket shop, if you need an invoice please get in touch with us.

Remote Ticket

Can’t make it to Revision, but still want to participate in all competitions and/or vote like any visitor on site? This is the ticket for you then!
It is available for 25,- EUR.

Remote Supporter Ticket

The same as the regular Remote Ticket, but for everyone who wants to support us even from distant places!
It is available for 50,- EUR.

Explanation on the new ticket prices

We already explained before, that unfortunately this year of Revision will bring some increase in the ticket prices. We know, that the new prices are a substantial increase and might be some negative surprise for many of you.

Let us try to explain, why the new prices were set like that and what’s the reasoning behind.

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic
    While Germany was able to keep the immediate economic aftermath rather low for many companies and individuals, there were obviously some sectors that were hit harder. Unfortunately one of the toughest areas was quite obviously anything that made money with large crowds in small spaces: event and rental companies, security services, catering services, … we can go on with this list even further, but we guess you already see the pattern, that basically 90% of the suppliers that make a physical Revision happen fall into this category. Prices for any of Revisions suppliers are up around 30% this year.
  2. The Russian war against Ukraine and the inflation
    As if the pandemic alone was not enough, the war that started in early 2022 made many things even more expensive, primarily anything that has to do with energy. Which… in a modern world is pretty much - everything. We are hit by this directly, because an event like Revision needs loads of energy: for heating, for powering your computers, the network, the beam, the light - everything. We are hit by this indirectly, because anything that is somehow delivered (and this includes delivering visitors, e.g. through Airport shuttles or night shuttles) also became even more expensive.
  3. Piled up regular fluctuations in costs
    Of course, each year before already saw changes in pricings, different visitor counts, different sponsors and different spendings on our side, depending on what material or hardware we needed to rent or buy. These fluctuations always could be covered through other positive effects, especially the great support through our visitors, so that we always have been able to keep steadily rising costs of the whole event off our guests. In combination with the above given reasons this however no longer holds true and the cumulative negative effects do not allow us anymore not to react.

So, we hope this gave you an overview why this years increase in prices is not something we easily made up in the wink of an eye. It is unfortunately the only way to make Revision happen in the way we all have been waiting for the past three years.

We know that the new prices will surely impose problems on quite a bunch of our visitors. Thus, let us already emphasize, that our reduced Subsidized Ticket still exists and that we encourage you to apply for it, if it will help you to make it to Revision.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.