Revision 2023 is over

  • Wednesday, Apr 12, 2023

Revision 2023 is over

Hey everyone!

Thank you all for making this edition of Revision special in so many ways!
It was hard to believe, that it have been 4 years since we last met in the E Werk, as it felt just so natural for us to do this for - and with! - you again.

For many of us preparing this event was awesome and scary at the same time. Seeing you and your many, many awesome releases again was more than just a blast and made the scared feelings go away in no time!

Now is the time for us to recover a bit before unfortunately for all of us daily business kicks in again.

Of course, we don’t leave without dropping some important links for you:

Again, thank you so much for making this real-life comeback so enjoyable and see you all again next year!